Ted Victoria in ArtInfo

This year’s selection included several works that pushed at (and beyond) the boundaries of video art and film. Two installations near the front of the fair from Schroeder Romero artist Ted Victoria, for instance, turn kinetic sculptures into playful real-time projections: “Bottoms Up” (2012), a tiny fountain incorporating a hotel minibar-sized vodka bottle that is available in an edition of three for $4,800, and “Is Anyone Home?” (1999), a Sea Monkey incubator turned into a greenhouse-sized light box, which is unique and priced at $48,000. The strong showing helped secure Victoria a museum show during Thursday’s preview. “A curator from the Heckscher Museum wants to do a solo project,” Lisa Schroeder told ARTINFO. “She has been looking at his work for a while and that is why she came by the fair.”

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